01 What Is The Mutantverse?

The Mutantverse encompasses all aspects of the Mutant Cats IP. This includes our comic book series, metaverse experiences like our social hub in Sandbox, and other IP creation efforts. It also includes real world collabs and partnerships that help extend the reach of the MC brand.

The Mutantverse is our little corner of web3 and we, as a DAO, are building it together.

02 Mutant Cats Comic

The Mutant Cats graphic novel is the pinnacle of our IP creation efforts. Partnering with renowned custom comic studio HerØ Projects, the DAO has commissioned a 5 chapter comic books series and graphic novel.

Already a Mutant Cat NFT owner? Connect your wallet to sign in and view the comic!

03 Sandbox Social Hub

The Mutant Cats DAO has partnered with Tempest Studio, an award winning Sandbox studio, to create an expansive IP rich social hub in Animoca Brands Sandbox metaverse. The DAO is heavily invested in Sandbox, currently owning 36 plots of land in the metaverse.

Our initial 2x2 social hub is just the beginning. Keep an eye out for VX cats and other Sandbox gaming experiences coming later in 2023.


04 COLLABS & Partnerships

The Mutantverse experience is not limited to just comic books and games. We are always looking for ways to leverage our IP with other projects and companies to further the reach of our brand. Whether that's a custom brewed Mutant Cat beer or freshly roasted Mutant Cat coffee.

We're also looking to extend our list of partnerships and collabs for 2023, so join Discord and follow us on Twitter to all be up to date with the latest news.



The Mutantverse covers all Mutant Cat IP based initiatives.


Mutant Cat Graphic novel is the anchor to our IP based lore.


Sandbox social hub is our first in-road into web3 gaming.


Search for additional partnerships and collabs is ongoing.

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